Google Ads (AdWords)

მთავარი - Google Ads (AdWords)

The Company IMC offers full-fledged Google Ads (AdWords) services. Place your Google Ads with
us and instantly increase your website visitors. Include Google (Pay-Per-Click) PPC Ads in your
Internet marketing strategy and pay only for the clicks that customers use to contact you.

What is Google Ads (AdWords)?

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express) is an online advertising
solution used by companies to promote their products and services in Google Search, YouTube
and other websites. Google Ads also allows advertisers to select specific targets for their Ads, such
as attracting phone calls and website views. With Google Ads, advertisers can set budgets and
targeting settings, and run or stop Ads at any time.

What are the advantages of Google Ads?

Google Ads allows you to show your Ad to people who may be interested in your products and
services, and prevent those who are not interested. You can monitor whether these people have
clicked on your Ads. Online advertising also gives you the opportunity to reach to potential
customers as they use multiple devices – computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Google Ads allows you to take advantage of online advertising: show your Ads to the right people,
in the right place and at the right time.

  • Advertising on Google increases your online sales. With Google Ads, your sales will increase
    instantly and significantly.
  • Keywords. Before running a campaign, the keywords that users apply when searching for something are selected. So, the customers who need you directly contact you.
  • You only pay for customers. Unlike other digital marketing channels, here you pay only for customers who are interested in your offer. Unlike social media Ads (like Facebook) where customers find you, here you find customers who need your product or service. (see Comparison between Facebook and Google Ads) We monitor statistics. When you run a Google Ads campaign, you have the opportunity to track your customers actions. Here you will see how many people clicked on your Ad, how much you paid for each click, etc. Round-the-clock monitoring allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising.
  • Local and global advertising. Google Ads allows you to reach the audience both locally and abroad.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads works to show your Ads when people are searching online for the products and
services you offer. Through the effective use of smart technologies, Google Ads helps you to show
Ads to potential customers just when they are ready to act.

  1. You start by choosing a target that can be attracting more visitors to your website or increasing the
    number of phone calls to your company.
  2. Then you choose the geographic region where you want your Ads to appear. It can be within a
    small radius of your business or a wider area, for example, cities, states or whole countries.
  3. Finally, you will adjust your Ad and set a monthly budget limit.

Once your Ad is approved by Google, it will appear whenever users in your target region are
looking for a product or service similar to yours. You pay only when customers interact with your
Ads, such as clicking on your Ad or calling your company.

What are the types of Google Ads?

There are three main types of Google Ads:

  • Search Network Campaigns. These Ads are usually text messages and can appear on Google
    search results pages when someone is searching for a product or service similar to yours.
  • Display Network Campaigns. These Ads are usually presented as pictures and appear on websites
    or in Apps that your customers visit.
  • Video Campaigns. These Ads typically consist of 6- or 15-second videos and appear immediately
    before or during YouTube content.

What is CPC (Cost-Per-Click) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

CPC (Cost-Per-Click) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) means that you pay for advertising only if someone
clicks on it.
Other advertising models include:

  • Cost-Per-Impression. You pay depending on how many times your Ad has been shown (not
  • Cost-Per-Interaction. You pay when a user performs a predefined interaction (for example,
    watching to your video Ads).

How much does Google Ads cost?

The cost of your Google Ads is determined by your budget settings. Google Ads works with almost
any budget. Payment is made only when customers interact with your Ad, for example, visit your
website or call your company. Google Ads does not require a minimum cost and a mandatory
contract term – you can stop advertising at any time. The cost per click or call depends on several

Why should a customer choose IMC?

Google constantly tries to simplify all its services and make them accessible to all users,
nevertheless Google Ads campaign run by an inexperienced individual may be less effective and
you just waste money. You can start a campaign by yourself or with the help of a beginner,
however here the core point for success is to think through many details and explore the market.
Researching keywords, applied by users when searching in Google. We successfully carry out all
of these based on years of experience.
Contact us and include Google Ads (AdWords) in your Internet marketing strategy, the results will
not take long!

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